May 02, 2008

30 ans d’emotions!

Last few days I was boiling over small unexpected problems I was facing! The more I suffer over the problem and the way I am reacting to it, more I am able to see the size of my ego and pride! “How can someone cheat me like that?” As Goenka says in the vipassana discourse, (if you have 9 mins to spare! please do listen to his story)! it was just a big blow to the image of me that I created by myself that … I am good in judging people; I am too smart to find out a fake smile etc! It’s time to thank the incident for revealing my ego and pride and to get over it and keep going in life! Today after having the usual thought provoking chats with my friends was strolling back home and was caught by a very beautiful photo exhibition titled “30 ans d’emotions” in the walls of one of Paris’s famous garden, Luxembourg . These photographs made me realize how insignificant I am, my ideas and my pains! May be I have never experienced emotions as intense as conveyed by these photographs! This was one of my favorite one by a French photographer “Jean Guichard” - La Jument!

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