May 29, 2008

Sun and Smiles!

Crazy day, I will not go to my work for almost next 10 days, so was running around to finish some last minute stuffs, some boring bureaucracy things etc. etc. moreover got a bad news that I have to pay almost two years arrears in my house rent as my landlord forgot to raise it for last two years, as per the contract it was supposed to be increased every year it seems. So if your house owner forget to increase the rent every year it’s better to remind him otherwise there will be a big looting of our small savings! But end of the exhaustive depressing day I am still in the position to update my blog because two rare things happened...Paris witnessed a beautiful sunny day which added some energy and secondly dinner with three of my favorite friends , a rare combination of crazy friends got together quite accidently. So the evening was filled with laughter and good food! Friends and Food; Sun and Smiles what else should I ask for?

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