June 30, 2009

Too hot!

GeoTagged, [N52.07926, W0.15749] Wow it is 30 degree here today. Too hot to even sit in the lawn during the coffee break. Need some rain now. I was waiting for summer to bike to work. Now sun is making it impossible. 60 min biking in 30 degree, I may melt. Beautiful cafeteria lawn.

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June 27, 2009

First rain!

GeoTagged, [N52.16843, W0.11547] First time in the last 3 months in UK, I used my umberlla. So far me and rain had a good timing, only either on of us out at a time. Yesterday in a nice warm evening there was a heavy down pour which reminded me lot of Indian monsoon. Specially walking in a muddy road, trying to avoid water filled pit, parts of your leg and hands wet still not cold... Exacly like a pleasent down pour in India so when I decided to move to UK, few friends in France were not too happy about it, one of the reason they gave was "bad weather" they were worrried that I may find it difficult to survive the UK rain. So, I was talking to my dad about my friends concern about " bad weather". As an engineer who worked in river management, trying to make channels for the farmers, he didnt agree with my friends in calling UK weather a "bad one". According to him rain can be one of the best thing that can happen to keep the farmers happy in India. As my dad's daughter I can't agree more with him. He knew some orthodox farmers who perform special prayers and rituals to have rain, so according to him UK is a bless country...again I have to agree with him...Rain..that feed the crops that are waiting to feed us, making my cambridge green. After all the soothing green is one of new colour added to my life recently, which took me out of my Phd depression. Well! I didnt enjoy rain in Paris as much I do and did in UK and India, may be in Paris ...rain in a concrete jungle..all rain and no green.

June 25, 2009


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It's lunch hour walk around the campus. Today stopped over the bridge across Cam that runs in the campus, was amazed to see the school of fishes under the bridge swimming against the current . Why do they do that? May be that is what keeps them grounded to a location with minimum effort. They are sort of in harmony with their surrounding in spite of not swimming with the current? Last few weeks I feel this sort of a strange harmony in life.

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June 24, 2009

Beautiful sunny day!

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Working from the beautiful garden, wondering how kind the nature and the whole universe is. Just trying to recall when was someone mean to me last time... Not even once after moved to UK..(except one phone call). Today for the first time feel like accepted by everyone around me. Thanks to the nice people who touched my life. Life is beautiful as much as the pond side garden, from where I am writing this!

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June 22, 2009

First Cricket

Played my first cricket match, it is the first time playing with the full cricket costume in a real ground, in the home ground of Jack Hobbs(parkers piece). I played a friendly match for NCI (one of cambridge cricket club) vs.Ramsey(a village close to cambridge). It was great, the feeling we get as I watched 1000s of match is totally different from the one when you are actually in the field, the intense , need to concentrate for every single ball when you are in the field, running between the wickets, it is not as relaxing as it looks like. Great team sport with tea breaks...its just my type of game. I scored 5 for not out but I gave off all the runs in one over I bowled (well that was equivalent to two with all the extra balls that I gave). The more terrible thing I did was to run my partner out, yes! one of the very good player in my team got run out because of my wrong call! Need to do some serious practice. In spite of all the stupid mistakes I did, we won by 25 runs!

June 19, 2009

What do I do? and Where?

This is all about my new town, new job and new work place! He is my neighbouring team's boss! Its all about my beautiful campus , work and people....and the Mac part...hmmm! Please ignore!

June 14, 2009

Elderflower picking

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Jam day!

With friends picked flowers in the cam river bank, made 15 kgs of jam and 10 liters of elderflower cordial and 20 liters of elderflower champagne. Now we are going to team up to watch India vs. England cricket.

Relaxing saturday!

Sunny day..Barbecue..Birthday cakes..lots of bubbles...cricket..good time with friends!

June 13, 2009

Sun dry!

Feels so good to sun dry my cloths after 4 year! Feels as good as a green plant that can use the sun and feed the whole world! Thank you sun! What will we do without you!

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June 09, 2009

On cloud nine!

I was on cloud nine yesterday, Just discovered yesterday...I enjoy air to water..! Still scared of diving but not flying!

June 05, 2009

Happy birthday!

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First entry from my iPhone. Just started celebrating Michael's birthday at work! No! No! we didn't celebrate the birthday in the motor way, the geo tag is bit crazy, actually showing few miles away from the actual location!

June 02, 2009

Why Me?

Why Me? I am asking myself this question for last few weeks, since I took this new job! Things around me seem to be like a fairy land which looks too good to be true! Why am I pampered so much? It was lovely day, went for a walk during the lunch break with my colleagues, some random photos of my work place. A work placed bathed in green..with bunnies playing around ...I am loving my new work and the campus!