May 24, 2008

Paris at dawn!

How does Paris look like on a Saturday early morning around 5? People returning back home completely stoned from their Friday late night parties, Concierge of the apartment dragging the big green garbage cans to the road, smell of freshly baking croissants, unfortunately, not much of birds sound but you can feel the metro at your feet in the morning silence, I witnessed it all today, thanks to Swati and her badminton enthusiasm woke me up at late night, with an panic attack with my new unfamiliar mobile ring tone! Ended up reading Jean-Paul Sartre’s Nausea till morning and with deadlines to keep, strolled to the lab at 5! ok! let me get back to my slides for my next week talk!

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Anonymous said...

பயந்தாகொளி ! சிரி ! சிரி! சிரி!