May 17, 2008

Thanks Alberto!

Dear Diary,
I have a new friend for quite some time and never told you about him. Alberto Amato, Italian, more specifically Neapolitan, so it was very easy for him to get integrated in my lab and in my outside Indian friends group! Recently gave me many good suggestion for my confused days, like …”it’s easy to break a relationship but difficult to make one… so think about it before breaking one!” and “nothing wrong in living a bit of adventurous life and to get to know about new people” !Yeah! these words made me meditate on my problems in relationship, me having less courage to meet a new person and showing very less tolerance towards known people and breaking relationships ruthlessly! It’s a part of my ‘future shock’ syndrome! One of my favorite Israeli scientist once told me that psychologically, I may be suffering from this ‘future shock’, since from my childhood I have never lived in a town for more than 3 years, I have the inhibition to talk to new people (with the fear that I have to leave them soon) and at the same time being very less tolerant to them (with the feeling that anyways time will break this relationship soon)! Last few days me and Alberto are feeling bit empty and doing some crazy stuffs to fill up the emptiness! Like doing some new hair style, after my hair cut (Swati ! now you got to know) I spoke to someone I liked in the road etc.etc. Yesterday I was Alberto’s turn; we added some ‘African style knots in his hair’ thanks to our friend Lila and Marc! While Lila made the knots, Marc cooked delicious Belgian curry and Frits for our dinner! Thanks Alberto for being with me in my ups and downs!
PS: Sorry! I should have introduced Alberto as Dr. Alberto Amato; He recently discovered a new species of Diatom (the organisms you saw in my previous blog entry) from gulf of Naples and had the privilege to name it by himself! I would call him a 'real' scientist!


Anonymous said...

சரி சரி இப்ப நல்ல தெரிது, நல சபித்தான் வெளிநாடு போயருகே!

Uma said...

right! right! its part of the fun in abroad!

il blebo said...

bravo albeeeeee!! w gli scienziati