July 23, 2009

Healing in woodend!

After having some tough time and been cheated by money minded Joanne Tipping, my old landlady in Bishop's road, moved back to woodend cottages...now in the middle of woods with nice friends and these lovely rats, will be totally healed before moving into my new victorian terrace house in August. The bitter lesson learnt from this landady is, always sign a legal contract before making any money dealing...Some one not fair to law cannot be fair with you... But after paying price for the greed of one landlady, I also got to discover how many nice friends are there with me here Cambridge..

July 11, 2009


Today was a very nice day, got to see some raw human instincts, got to see the innocence and the power of mankind. First the innocence, I have come across many different love stories in my life. The sweetest are the one when people fall in love, following their instincts without giving many thoughts to it. As we grow up we start looking for logics and reasons behind love which makes it less interesting, no wonder people always cherish their first love. After a very long time today I got to hear one such crazy and sweet love story...Now the power, the Concorde. Since the Wright brothers made the first fly in 1905, the animal (bird) instinct in us urged us to fly and to cross the Atlantic in less than 2 hours, today I got to see that powerful machine.

July 10, 2009


Had a department outing..two institues(sanger & EBI)..one project(Ensembl)..one outing (punting in cam)..13 punts... Thanks for the photos Michael!

July 09, 2009

Berry picking

I have enjoyed black current in ice creams and in french kir, thanks to julian got to see and pick them today.

July 06, 2009

Colors in the sky

As I was crossing the road confused to see too many colours! There was suppose to be only Red and Green! This is UK, sunny morning and a rainy evening..confused sky turned on its colours. I wish my confusions in my mind(about my home) can add some colour to my life.

July 04, 2009


Badminton..then little cricket practice..walk through the cambridge's historic colleges, the colleges of India's first and the current Prime Ministers...thanks to my friend Lucy, I got to hear many inside story and a look into wordsworth's hostel room...iphone with a new display (yes It stopped working last week)...feeling much better (Yes.I had a bad friday)..I will have a home soon..(Yes! I like to have a new home)

July 02, 2009

Still flying!

Some adventures for the day, during the lunch break watched colleagues flying this remote controlled baby plane. It was completely designed and hand made by them and can fly up to 4 kms it seems. So, my next hobby is to make one, we were planning to open a small flying club to learn to fly this plane first using stimulation software (we can’t afford to crash this plane made with foam) . Running behind these plane in the football ground got a thorn in my feet, how many times I have done that in my childhood days, I wish my mom is here to take that out.

July 01, 2009

First adventure!

Last 3 months, I am bored of writing about how great things are going here in Cambridge! So, here comes some changes.. Just today for the first time, I felt some mild forces were against me! Where should I start..Well! Today was my badminton day..I played from evening 4:50 to 8:15, after causing some mild injury to the opponent with my shuttle..took the 8:30 bus back home, but a grumpy driver refused to stop in my stop...so got down almost 4 miles after my home and was trying to get the city bus. Well! This is Cambridge...there is only one bus every hour, I was “lucky” enough to have one in 10 min, I saw my bus approaching and put my hands in my purse to get money and realized that I had only 10 penny in my purse...so have to miss that bus, went in search of ATM..Taxi...Normally it takes 15 min to reach home from work..On a very bad day it can take 2 hours, I reached home at 10: 40. Well! In spite of all the adventure, I was able to update my status live in facebook an got support from friends who were miles away... one of my roommate offered to pick me up if I get into such adventure next time! iPhone is fun!