September 25, 2010

La Tête en Friche..

Among all the chaos in life, I am still enjoying the Cambridge film festival, I was able to cry along with many other audiences as I watched La tête en friche, a French movie which beautifully depicts the friendship developing in very unlikely conditions. Today again watched a French movie but this time I was not able to laugh along with other audiences, when pain and emotions can cross the barriers of language and nations, I don’t know why the sense of humour fails to cross the boundaries. How many times I have offended people with my Indian sense of humour. I often forget that I grew up in a country where there was no concept of personal space, especially between friends. I grew up in a country where asking and taking favours are part of friendship, a sign to show people that I share a special space with you and how many times I have seen a crappy movie just to share the space and time with a friend I like. After I fought my way into this new world and I do enjoy this personal space I created for myself. But I still take liberty to invade the personal spaces of friends, with my silly sense of humour and sometimes even get disappointed for my personal space not getting invaded by friends close to my heart. Finally the Swedish short movie I saw yesterday came as an answer to my recent disappointments, the movie was a small recreation of a failed bank robbery happened in Stockholm in 2006. So, let me blame the cultural differences for all my disappointments, at least until I understand the actual reasons.. La Tête en Friche...

September 15, 2010

This day that year!

15th Sep 2008, I had a deadline for a manuscript submission, worked non-stop...yes! non-stop 25 hours in my Paris lab and the next day (15th sep 2008) when I stepped out of my lab around noon, I found my bike stolen. Which made me write this(to my lost love) blog entry..Oh! god ! I was so cheesy then! Now 2 years later, I started biking again, I almost biked 1500 kms in last 6 months, including London to Cambridge..Love can find you back in many different ways! I wish I will be fit enough to bike till I die! This photo taken during my first break after 30 km, during my London Cambridge biking. Yes! on 25th of July London and Cambridge was linked by a long chain of cyclist! And ...also.. thanks to my friends for their kind donation for this event!

September 14, 2010

இது ஒரு பொன் மாலைப் பொழுது

Got to see a very beautiful sunset on the way back from my work. I love this evening bus trip through the fields...

Today sky reminded me of my lines favourite from a tamil song!

"வானம் எனக்கொரு போதிமரம் (sky is my Bodhi tree)
நாளும் எனக்கது சேதி தரும்" (it enlightens me each day)

as the title was a golden evening!

September 04, 2010

Green horizon!

I missed and was whining about the lack of nature, green and horizon in Paris.

Now in Cambridge all I have is nature green and horizon...

taking that long walks to see the place where this green mixes with that blue.

Science facts remind me that such a place doest exist, but why do..

I still have hope?

PS: Hug from 4th dimension totally works!

September 02, 2010

Hug from 4th Dimension

I have to contradict myself again, as a follower of tenth dimension blog, I should be believing in magic sort of things, after all human can see only up to three dimensions. Sometimes we even pretend not to understand the realities of third dimension. Today I pretended not to understand my mother and my friend pretended not to understand my email, we both live in the fear of facing strong emotions. To overcome the fears of 3rd dimension, here is a hug from the 4th dimension. Mom! this hug is for you on your birthday! and one for you my friend, to face the emotions of today which doesn't need a year long planing and agenda. So, Now if you wonder how this 4th dimension hug may look or feel like, you can have a look at Sarah Maxine Williams animation of two dimensional beings getting hug from 3rd dimension.
And if you are curious enough to spend 18 min to see whats around the corner from 4th to 10th dimensions have a look at this blog.

September 01, 2010

Magicians do not exist!

Travelling this incredible journey called life, I even forgot to update my blog for sometime. When I was away from the virtual world, I was travelling in the far lands, enjoying the beauty of Sweden and Scotland. After three months, as I return to my blog I realize I am in the very same place as I was 3 months before. Today, I was spending my lunch time, listening to the beautiful beats of my heart and talking with these fishes in cam about how to let things go. I felt like this ignorant little girl in the movie L'illusionniste, we both wandered over Arthur's seat in Edinburgh and we both ignorantly believed in Magic. Expecting Magic from friends and family, expecting them to understand my heart beats but "Magicians do not exist!"