February 03, 2010

Date with destiny!

Today just after 45min train trip, I was magically transported to India. When I lived in India the only thing that happened as per my plan was taking my flight to Paris and so was my day today, nothing went as per my plan. I wanted to go to London, submit papers in Indian consulate, get back to work by lunch, have lunch with friends, play badminton, go to gym and then a potential movie...but things got stuck just at the "submitting papers" stage and ruined all the other plans...why planning doesn't work in India or in any place related to India? why do we Indians allow other people to live our life in the name of destiny? when I was discussing about this issue with one of my Indian friend living in Europe, he came up with this theory....many Indian attitudes are influenced by our belief in reincarnation... Yuva, I need your help to put this theory right!