May 07, 2008

In(out) the shadows of siva !

May 7th a very important day in my life! A mother will always cherish the moment when her child learns to walk, few weak yet courageous steps. I took such steps on this day, without having fear of falling in spite of repeated falling; thanks to that courage now I am running towards a healthy life! And such a day happen to fall on the beginning of a long weekend; felt like a Friday evening… hanging out with friends....Hmm!! maybe it’s the first time I am hanging around with my friends in my quarter. Our friend Vas took us to this unique Indian style bar called Coffee India, with real good food and some crazy cocktails! Sitting below the of dancing Siva, we shared some sweet and bitter memories among the friends. As Aldous Huxley says “Every man's memory is his private literature.” And I love to read it out to my friends!


Anonymous said...

ஐயோ! மக்கள் பாவம்! சொந்த சோக கதை யெல்லாம் சொல்லி ஏன் பிளேடு போட்ட? ப்லோகில போட்டது போதாத? ...சரி! கோவித்து கொளாத! சும்மா ஜோக் தான்! நீ நிறைய கதை எழுது!


Uma said...

hey! how do u write in tamil here? not just sad stories, happy ones too! :-)