May 10, 2008

Alter ego!

Now a day I am shocking people with my brutally frank comments and opinions, Which made us think how our alter ego look like? we did some experiments in my friend fred’s Indian antique shop! These are some possibilities?
May be this one… Before this our 'Alter ego' research we had our first picnic for the season! Seeing my blogs my friends and family ask me if I am really doing my phd in Paris or just hanging out with friends! Well its summer and it is great to have longer days..lots of time for work and fun! (Swati...I am waiting for your version of today’s masala!)


Swati G. said...

u know what I liked about these masks pics; is even if we are holding same ones, but everyone has his own way,style of holding and carrying it, with his/her kind of personality. Thats awesome.!! PS: in first pic, U cut my hand which was blessing people :(

anton said...

nice pictures! and i agree with swati, masks that are actually very similar just look different on different people ha ha

Anonymous said...

Who is that guy? who looks like Ram? Also who is coming here apart from Chris to the meeting?