May 29, 2009

Nice changes..

Among the nice changes happening in my life, one of my favourite is my new kitchen and dining! Now, I enjoy cooking more than ever! Before.... After....

May 28, 2009

As day goes..

As days go by…enjoying the sports..... badminton in this beautiful court at work ...

and evening biking in the beautiful Cambridge!...

Already in a very nice routine...Am I really less than 2 months old in this town?

May 25, 2009

Give teddy a bath

Bank holiday, its cleaning and give teddy a bath day! I wish I can finish these cleaning soon and do some cambridge discovery in my new old bike!

May 24, 2009

Richmond sur Thames

Long weekend..did some deer watching in Richmond sur Thames!
Beautiful to see such a peaceful co-existance inside the city London!

May 22, 2009

Allergic to fishes.

If one day, I decide to write an autobiography, you may find this statement, "There were lots of Pisceans came and went in my life". Few days back with a glass of strong English cider I was discussing understandings and misunderstandings of my life , with one of my good old friend in Cambridge. As we were discussing recent conflicts in life that I faced during my Paris exit, we discovered that all the conflict I had in Paris were with Pisceans, and this friend in Cambridge also happened to be one. After a pint of cider, you tend to look for logic of life in more irrational places like the astrology match site.

This is what we got, “This can be a tough match, if only because Sagittarius are so direct, and Pisces are so diplomatic in the way they approach communication. Your Sagittarius can come across uncaring, too blunt, and even deliberately hurtful. When confronted with these feelings, Sagittarius may respond by saying, "Well, you asked, didn't you?" Arguments go around and around on this topic between Pisces and Sagittarius and can eventually kill the relationship.

Pisces with Sagittarius is not an easy. Your most obvious difference is that Pisces are sentimental romantics who wear their hearts on their sleeves. Pisces will not respond well to your brutal honesty. Pisces wouldn't dream of being as direct with you -- or anyone else -- and they are careful to surround their negative comments with positive ones to soften them. You feel that this is too much work. Pisces might respond by saying you ought to be more caring. One rule: It's absolutely critical to take your Pisces' feelings seriously. Sagittarius can too often make the mistake of dismissing them.”

Well! Most of the things happened to be true, especially “Pisces wouldn't dream of being as direct with you”.... During my Paris exist days, I was having Japanese dinner with two Pisceans who happen to know that I am allergic to fishes and saw me ordering miso soup during our few visits to Japanese restaurants, If it was one my Sagittarian friend He/She might have said on my face, “Stupid! Girl, why are you ordering miso soup when you were allergic to fishes”, and I would have replied “Shut up! I know!”, but in this case it was Pisceans, so they created a mini 10 minute drama just to convey this statement to me, the first fish asked the second one, what is miso soup? Where it comes from? And how it is made? So indirectly trying to make me realize that it is made of fish. I felt like screaming at the top of my voice, “ I am allergic to fishes, but I love miso soups! Do you have any problems with that Fish? “

Just like this love for Miso soup and allergy(hate) for Fishes in my life, many people I adore and respect in my life are Pisceans too, like my ex-boss, a friend from college, my first friend in Paris and infact this Cambridge friend..
Moral of the story, just use astrology for timepass, not to make decisions in life!

May 21, 2009

Parker's Piece

As we were walking to the beer festival yesterday, we crossed this beautiful huge park called Parker's Piece, just in the heart of Cambridge. Every time when I crossed this park, I was overwhelmed to see boys playing cricket. This is a very common to see in India, but for the first time seeing it outside India makes me feel very nostalgic. Michael, a new member of my team also one of the reason for breaking the silence at work, told me that this very same Parker's Piece is the birth place football it seems. If it is hard to believe ...Here is the link..Thanks for the link Michael. The trees in the background also signifies something but we are yet to discover that.. Talking about sports, I restarted my badminton in Cambridge, I was so excited to find a nice court and good team to play just in my company campus.

May 20, 2009

Beer you're talking

Days are running so fast, it is already a month in Cambridge. I feel I am completely soaked up by the greens of Cambridge. I always wished to see the beautiful historical buildings of Paris without cars, now I can do that in Cambridge, the historic city centre is a pedestrian area, as you walk in the centre of the city you feel you are transported in time, just as in few “quartier piĆ©tons” of Paris. One major difference from Paris is my work environment, after working with molecular biologist, for the first time working with a full team of bioinformaticans. Oh! God! They were so silent. First few days we hardly spoke 10 or 20 words per day. Later they started opening up with glasses of Beer. Yesterday had a small outing after work to the 36th Beer festival. So, Beer is the socializing tonic for the English as the wine for French.

May 15, 2009

Healed in the woods

Most of the people in science advised me to take a long break after the Phd, to de-stress, relax and to prepare for the next level of stress .But with growing socio-economic pressure in Paris, I took the job within one week after submitting the thesis. I wish the whole world should be “France” in their social security system. In spite of being a foreigner there, I enjoyed lot of social benefits, including their unemployment benefits. Thank you France!! But few French people may not like that, paying their tax money to a foreigner, specially a strange friend I had, Within few minutes, they made me feel so alienated with the country which I was feeling second home. With such silly socio-economic problems and with many other friends to heal me with their love, nature did this attack on me.
I moved to this beautiful house and with wonderful people. I was totally engulfed by the warmth of green woods, fresh oxygen, and caring people making me comfortable in a foreign land.
I walked this road to work,
over the dew drops in the grass, sometimes turned myself into a kid, removed my shoes, to splash the dew and rain drops collected over the grass. Thus began my Tsunami of bliss in the woodend..more..

May 13, 2009

Tsunami of bliss

I am back… with a doctoral degree now. Yesterday me and my aloneliness had a conversation, why there is no antonym for “natural calamity”, that may be the right word for what I am going through right now, something like Tsunami of bliss. How few changes in life can erase off all the unnecessary worries and stress. With a new job in Cambridge, said final bye to Paris after my defence, as usual was pampered with lots of gifts and love from my Paris friends. More stories soon...till then let me find out the antonym for “natural calamity”.