April 30, 2008

Circle of friends!

I started feeling at home in Paris, Yestaerday I got my work permit renewed and just the very thought that this may be my last renewal got tears in my eyes! Meet this circle of friends who make my days in Paris! In my ups and downs they listen, make me think, laugh and dance! Above all it’s a group with whom I can be my own self! I feel an open heart gives lots of warmth in an relationship and strengthens its! It’s the people and not the place that make me feel at home in Paris!

April 29, 2008

God damn intelligence ...

For last two days hearing many incidents of Multiple Personality Disorder’,(scientifically it may not be the correct term), the most shocking one is of that of the Austrian, but in my daily life also meeting ‘milder cases’, of people sharing love life with two friends at the same time but with different faces, with daily slots for each one, At the same time ‘pretending’ to recommend their love interests to their friends! Constantly living in denial! Earlier I use to admire people who have the ‘childish’ innocence even when they are grown up, but may be that’s the starting point of living in denial, refuse to accept that they are matured and grown up, and refuse to follow the animal instincts in them! God damn... intelligence of humans!

April 28, 2008


Had a great evening with friends, talking about lot of ramdom things which touched our life, along with two delicious home made cakes , I felt how lucky I am to have such strong and faithful shoulders to cry and understanding minds to speak my heart !

April 25, 2008

All in the tree of life

We biologist strongly believe in the biological theories and live exactly according to it, When you look down from the tree of life, you feel so excited about your position ( like how exited I was yesterday) until the people sitting above you start throwing shits on you! After all it’s the world of “survival of the fittest”! Yeah! You might have guessed it right! It was day filled bad news at work, after the paper was reviewed by three journals and accepted for publication in one, the strongest one in paper wanted to move up in the tree, pushing down the weakest! After all we are all stuck in this struggle for name, fame and food!
On the lighter note, I was trying to add an application called “What French philosopher you are?” ! This application puts you few questions and suggests you which French philosophers ideas suits with yours, this application says my ideas match with Jean-Paul Sartre. Apart from studying in the same school as him, I didn’t find much match with his ideas, specially as I ‘was’ strongly believing that I am a destiny’ s child! Now he is making me think if I am responsible for all the shits I am getting on me! Let me study more of Jean-Paul Sartre!

April 24, 2008

French Food and Wine!

Last few days, I am discovering myself ….. my likes and dislikes. I felt the two things I like to do the most is meeting and interacting with different people and eating good food. Last two days I was just doing this. Our lab hosted a meeting so we had collaborators from all over Europe visited our lab. Lot of talking, enjoying different colors of people, tasting good French food and wine! After living in France for more than three years only during last few days I was able to understand why we consider the French cuisine as the best one in the world! To add cherry to this cake, I also got sponsorship for my next trip, to a country close to my heart, just because many people I admire and love are from this country! New trip meeting more people and tasting more food!

April 20, 2008

What a Saturday!

Started my Badminton after a looong break.....played for two hours and now having difficulties in even typing this blog.... Ended up eating lunch cooked by three guys, these super fast cooks cooked 3 dishes in 30 minutes! Usually too many cook spoil the food but luckily it was not true today! Well! Had a good work out today morning... so deserved more nice food, Had a good company and nice excuse to go to an South Indian restro for dinner, its suppose to be the best one in Paris and no wonder I bump into two famous Tamil singers in the restro! Its nice to take a such typical 'celebraties' photos for the blog. I am meeting more Indian celebrities in Paris than in Indian.... May be That is called living in the most happening city .....
These two singers Mano and Chithra may be total strangers for many of my blog readers, if you are interested to have a sample of their voice,you can listen to the song below, Obviously its from a Tamil movie; Mano and Citra are the play-back singers for the actor and actress in the song. They have many of very famous duets together, but this following song have a more of Tamil flavour than most of their other songs, the lyrics, the basic Tamil folk tune, pictured in Tamil nadu's country side etc. etc.
One more in Chitra's Voice!

April 14, 2008

Lets fly a kite!

There is a big lucky star burning bright just above me having a week filled with nice things, good news and lots of surprises. To start with work my second author paper got accepted in PNAS, journal increasing my publication count to 6. I took a nice sunny break in north of France in a small sea side village called berck sur mer to see a kite festival. It was my first visit to kite festival and it happen to be the best one in Europe with nice weather and nice company, I am just trying to make a small attempt to share the experience, but it is too difficult to put in words or photos! The sound of sea, mixed with gentle move of huge kites and lots of fresh air and sun. In the night the sky filled with kites with glittering lights. It was mesmerizing. Thanks to Shanana and her friend Alex in back stage who gave us some real time experience in flying the ‘real’ kites. The ‘real’ kites are the huge one which are coordinated with two hands and four threads and makes you feel like wind and a bird! Swim with dolphins and fly a kite are two must to do in a life time!

The best part of the festival was this 82 year old Canadian man controlling 3 ‘real’ kites two in two hands and one in his hips and still synchronizing everything and made them dance in the sky! yeah! Sky is the limit for people’s talents! (check the below video of this wonder man)

check out more photos and videos of from Berck sur mer!
and also Alex's Revolution kites Videoblog!

April 07, 2008

Once upon a dream !

When I came to Paris, I was not able to carry with me my complete collection of things I loved and valued from my childhood but still I had enough space in my luggage and heart to carry all the Disney soft toy collection and CDs! For many known and unknown reasons I lost this child in me in Paris. Today accidently landed in Disney world and lived a part of my childhood dream! I have to thank lot of people for this ‘serendipity’. Thanks to Umesh for gifting me with his free tickets, if not I would have never made an effort to go there! Thanks to Paris weather forecast for its usual wrong prediction, if not such a sunny day would have attracted lots of crowd to Disney land! Thanks to Alberto for getting his ‘kid’ friends along, they added lot of color and life to the colorful Euro Disney! This day totally looked like an universe’s conspiracy !

April 05, 2008

carnaval de venice

Thanks to the Carnival of Venice, grey Paris had some colours!

April 03, 2008

Just because...

Yesterday I started my day by standing outside my lab without knowing the new door code and ended my day by standing outside my house without knowing the code of the recently installed security device! My brother says if we closely observe things in our live we can always observe a rhythm of similar type of events repeating in a day or in a week or over a definite period of time ! sometimes we are a silent victim of such events or sometimes we can gather some courage and try to break over this habit patten of life. But most of the time we just prefer to keep running like a mouse on the wheel without having courage to self criticize! yesterday I preferred to be a silent victim just because between these two rhythmic annoying event I had a nice laugh too! For the fist time in my life I went to Improvised comedy Theatre. Improfessionals group performed a comedy show by improvising on the random theme proposed by the audience! As written in the Paris Times "Improvisation actors have a mantra: Stay in the moment. Never look forward. Never look back." !

April 01, 2008

...And so as my life!

Well! yesterday had a chance to evaluate how I have evolved in my last three years in Paris! Thanks to Umesh birthday! Umesh is my first friend in Paris(outside my work), three years back it was on his birthday I had my first big outing and dinner in Paris! I was a very nervous person going through a seperation from the person I loved and filled with nostalgic thoughts of India! Three years later most of things repeated. Just like these two images but the photo taken yesterday is in better focus, resolution and light ...Touch wood! And so as my life!
Happy birthday Umesh!