August 27, 2008

Herd of Human!

Is there any factor in this world which can make the entire human race to go in a definite direction? To make everyone to agree on something, even people from the same school or a family have different opinions which influence their decisions. I still wonder what made me decide to leave the family and India when everyone around me was not supporting my decision, was that to escape from problems or the quest to discover the unknown world...I don’t know what made me the black sheep, well! I don’t regret for being one, but often wonder how the life would have been if I were a white sheep! We still don’t know about the factors controlling our life and the decisions that we make. But this latest article shows the factor which controls the grazing habit of the cattle around the world. With the help of Google earth they have found out that the cattle always graze aligning North-South. We humans so different from our counterparts in the animal kingdom enjoy this unpredictability!

August 22, 2008

Me and my laptop!

Spending my days like this, staring at and sleeping with my laptop! Rest of the time of course eating with friends and bonding with little Adi, finally he is recognizing me, that really makes me feel top of the world! Paris is almost half empty! Well thanks to the friends and visitors who are making it half full! yes! still meeting new people! unfortunately short one! let me get back to chase my deadlines!

August 15, 2008

Food for deadlines!

Sorry! I have to contradict myself again when it comes to Parkinson’s Law. Well ! as my official lab works and deadlines are growing in my limited time left for my PhD completion, my personal works and commitments are shrinking drastically. Specially in spite of having busy schedule at work, thanks to my friends who are providing me with delicious home food from Micha’s delicious German salads, Alberto’s "pasta alla siciliana", Tiziana's "frittelle di riso" (obviously Italian) to Poonam , Vas and Meena contributing to flavours of India and the French desserts.... Well! Yesterday was Vas turn to make this big dinner in his own artistic environment, nice food and good laugh will help me going with my deadlines! Thanks to all!

August 14, 2008

Parkinson’s Law

Parkinson’s Law states "work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion» We can see this law works very well in Indian government offices, even the derived form of this law "Data expands to fill the space available for storage" works very well with my laptop; few months back 160 gb hard disc was full, after upgrading it to 320gb its still overflowing. But why the inverse of this law is not holding true! Especially in my case, my work never shrinks with the very limited deadlines I have. So, today’s little prayer, “please make the inverse of Parkinson’s law work for me! “

August 10, 2008

Les grandes eaux nocturnes

Yesterday Paris was blessed with one sunny day in between the horrible rainy summer. Me and my friends made full use of it by having picnic in the grand royal gardens of Versailles, to add more grace to the sunny day there was grand light, music, water and fireworks show. It was amazing to see such a majestic garden with lights and 18th century music. Well! Today Paris is back to its normal grey weather, anyways who needs the sun, when I have to spend the whole day at work!

August 08, 2008

My life!

This wall in hampi reminds me of my life, I keep complaining about the imperfect blocks, may be I should have a broader perspective, another interpretation for this wall and nice photos of hampi in my friend's blog!

August 06, 2008

Culture Shock - Speciality Bar!

Every time I lose hope, my friends put it back in me, in spite of disabling the comments in the previous entry, my friend proved me wrong yesterday, back from his trip he got me some goodies, the things which reminded me during his stroll in the London streets, one was this chocolate. Just the name and the ingredients reminded him of me it seems. White chocolate with bit of ginger and chilly,everything I like put together, it may sound odd but believe me it is really delicious. When they can create a harmony between east and west in this bar chocolate, I am sure I can create it in some corner of the world!

August 04, 2008

Heal me!

In India they say that progress in life requires shedding of sweat and blood. Well! In Paris we don’t have much reason to sweat even in summers and as a believer of Gandhi never felt the need of bloodshed but finally it seems that I cannot finish of my PhD without blood shed. I lost few millimetre of my finger along with vegetables that I chopped this weekend. I didn’t expect that this few millimetre of my finger can make such a big difference, stops me from cooking, eating ,washing and it is in such a crucial place that every time I start typing my thesis, blood oozes out. With deadline knifes hanging over my head! All I can say is, Oh! God! Heal me! and bless my friends who are providing me with food!