May 22, 2010

Let it go!

Something I discovered in my meditation is, how many 'unrelated' events that happened in my life are connected with a small thread of emotions. Often in my meditation, when a certain type of emotion comes up on the surface of mind, for example disappointment, I can reflect 'all' the events lead to disappointment since my childhood. Yesterday as I was having my lunch at my favorite spot on the Cam bridge at my work, staring at the fishes . Seeing this Pike fish for the first time, with nice patterns on its body shining in the sun rays in the shallow water, I was trying to find the balance between my impassioned wish to hold it closer to me and fear that it will suffocate the little fish. Finally tried to enjoy this beautiful reality that this fish is very nice part of lunch and rejected the impassioned wishes or fear as my own projections of the reality and not actually part of the reality.

May 18, 2010

Walls of Prejudice

A confused day, and like most of my confused days I spent the evening reading J.Krishnamurti. I watched the Video: The Challenge of Change - J. Krishnamurti Online. The source of my confusion was due to my disbelief in others experiences. For past few weeks I am living the following lines of JK "I have long been in revolt from all things, from the authority of others, from the instruction of others, from the knowledge of others; I would not accept anything as Truth until I found the Truth myself."
When I was 12, I studied Alexandre Dumas 's The black tulip novel in school and argued about the existence of tulips and black flowers. My botany teacher was able to convince me the existence of tulips with a picture, but she was not able to convince me about black tulips. Finally yesterday after 21 years I was able to say my botany teacher was tulips do exist. It is a big struggle to break the wall of prejudice and to reject the experience of friends, family and wise people but there is no joy like experiencing the experience oneself. to share my experience of black tulips!

May 16, 2010

Elysian Garden

The weekend filled with English heritage experience, got to see one of the England's greatest gardener "Capability" Brown designed master piece today. I Wandered around in a 17th century country house with my English friends, hearing stories about the Jacobean architecture, "Capability" Brown's landscaping methods, Elysian garden and witnessing very impressive Espalier. The kitchen garden in this 17th century house had a fence made with apple trees trained to grow in two dimension, using this horticultural method called Espalier. Here is little glimpse of the very beautiful Audley End house and its English garden through my camera lens

Mysterious door

Opening many mysterious doors at work and I always have pleasant surprises behind the doors More of photos of spring at work...

May 15, 2010

Feeling blue!

After having this magical experience in the bluebell walk, 'feeling blue' word is now got redefined in my dictionary.

May 13, 2010

Living by the Dream!

No progress today...and no hope over the weekend too...still guessing..if the bud is going to be leaf or a flower, my friends want it to be a leaf but I bet it is a flower. my friends say leaves are relatively long lasting but I argue for flowers, they have potential to fruit and bear seeds. It can be this beautiful bluebell that I stare from kitchen window...
but my friends doubt if it can bloom boldly in between long blades of grasses!
I hope it can be this purple bunch, high enough to I stare from my first floor bedroom windows....
Sorry friends, but I will wait for my dream catcher to catch a beautiful dream for this spring.


I was looking close at the spring season of my life and this hydrangea plant, both are having lots of beautiful buds, wondering if they are the future flowers or leaves....Leaves or Flowers both can add colour to my garden and life!

May 05, 2010

creating a wilderness..

long days meaning more time in my garden, I was trying to identify some wild flowers in my garden, thanks to my friend who gifted me a book to identify wild flowers and this web site floral images, I was able to name few flowers in the garden today. more to come later...(with my slow iphone 3G can't fit my whole garden)
Scentless Mayweed (is it not an insult to name a flower like this?)

May 03, 2010

in the silence..

Finished a year in Cambridge, it was one of the 'easiest' year in my life, I don't have to make an effort to live or to pass each day. In Paris, life in the middle of buildings, each buildings has its own rules, we transform ourselves to fit into that building. We keep silence inside a library and a museum, ancient buildings should be handled with care and we are suppose to go crazy inside a pub or a disco. But when I am in the laps of nature... as I run behind the sheep...
...walk on the green grass and the wild flowers...or even in a confusing cross roads in the middle of the woods..or just siting silently under a fully bloomed apple tree..In this silence of nature I am able hear every little heart beats of heart doesn't beat for the buildings beats for the people...I am able feel that it beats faster for someone..and slower for others..In that rhythm I am able to discover the moments I lose my temper and the moments when my heart goes out...last one year...walking in the silence of nature to the beats of my wonder my last one year was the easiest year in my life!