March 30, 2010

Next passion

Using Tai-Chi to kill my excess energy..and beading to kill my spare time..! I can feel forces of nature my two new hobbies...In my 10th tai-chi class, I understood the meaning behind the slow boring movements, that epiphany encouraged me to register for 10 more weeks of tai-chi. My expensive passion for beading was fueled by inheriting 15 years collection of beads from my friends mom... be ready to read more about my beading and tai-chi journey

March 29, 2010

Let it Go - Tai-Chi!

I attended Tai-Chi practice day last weekend and had an epiphany. Past few months I was bit confused about two big external forces that was acting on me, a pair of beautiful eyes expressing very warm and pleasant attention and the other pair of eyes with very cold 'jealousy'. I was not able handle both. I spoiled few days and some sleep in speculations about the manifestation of these forces and the ways I should handle it. I was waiting in the same way as you might have seen in a hollywood or a bollywood movie, a hero flexing his muscles when the villain is approaching to attack. But tai-chi taught me a new let it go! I was able to do something similar to the grandmaster in the above video, just by placing my hands over my tai-chi partner's shoulder , I was able to push him but without actually pushing him and was able to withstand the push without actually resisting to it...all just by letting the forces go through my body...all I did was removed my focus from the target, relaxing and let myself go! The cold eyes did not react in the way I was expecting and the beautiful eyes may not react the way I am expecting neither... so, last one week I was able to remove my focus from the beautiful eyes, relaxed my mind and body can let go the energy radiating from the beautiful eyes...Thank you Tai-Chi,I was able to put into practice the mantra of Tai-Chi "let it go"!