May 22, 2008

Café de Flore!

More about my French teacher Mme. Thérèse ROLAND GOSSELIN, yesterday we were asked to talk about the latest book that we are reading and little about the author. Obviously I spoke about my latest crush Jean-Paul Sartre and she recommended me to read Albert Camus, a contemporary of Jean-Paul Sartre. Just did some usual Google search about him and found these lines from his Nobel Banquet speech interesting!( Complete speech!)

And with what feelings could he accept this honour at a time when other writers in Europe, among them the very greatest, are condemned to silence, and even at a time when the country of his birth is going through unending misery?(De quel cœur aussi pouvait-il recevoir cet honneur à l'heure où, en Europe, d'autres écrivains, parmi les plus grands, sont réduits au silence, et dans le temps même où sa terre natale connaît un malheur incessant ?)

And often he who has chosen the fate of the artist because he felt himself to be different soon realizes that he can maintain neither his art nor his difference unless he admits that he is like the others.(Et celui qui, souvent, a choisi son destin d'artiste parce qu'il se sentait différent apprend bien vite qu'il ne nourrira son art, et sa différence, qu'en avouant sa ressemblance avec tous. )

- Albert Camus' speech at the Nobel Banquet

During my Google search, I also found that In spite of Camus and Sartre believed in different philosophies, they often met in Café de Flore for discussions. Café de Flore is my best friend Micha's favourite cafe and he took me there couple of times. We will remember these two great philosophers when we go next time, I wish I can afford to go quite often, hmm! may be not, it should remain a special place for special occasions!

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MrM said...

I´m sorry to be so pedantic, but this is not your best freind Micha´s favourite café!
And I should know, because I am your best friend Micha´s favourite café!
So there!