December 29, 2006

bonne année

Vacation time in Paris….the city without confusion and chaos, yeah! You can enjoy the calm and tranquility just in the middle of the city, I am sure more than 50% of the Parisians are out of the city, nice time to read and meditate. As I was organizing and taking backup of my photos, I thought of making a New Year card, with the photos and the things I was reading/ seeing in the past few days… Here it is…

If you are wondering what made the Prince Siddhartha say that, and if you have 50 min of free time, you can this documentary made by BBC. As we are all preparing ourselves to welcome this new are my wishes for the new year.

December 26, 2006

Life is like...

How was my life while I disappeared from my blog for last couple of weeks.....?

I received this bunch of beautiful tulips, its one of my favorite flower, since I read the novel “Black Tulip” in my school days. In the last few days, when I was feeling very lazy to come to work, these flowers inspired me to come to my lab...Belive me Tulips, I just came to the lab to see you…

Played “Make the silver spoon stand on the nose” game with my friends both winners and the losers got chocolate cake. Well that was an international game, with 11 nation’s participation, I just realized not only my lab, but also my friends from outside my work are very international, well the gold was taken by Iran and the silver went to Germany.

Took Bala, and his friend (cool dudes from UK) around Paris, The usual question,” Are you not annoyed taking people around in Paris, every time different people, but to the same places?” The answer is “No”, Paris is beautiful, and each day has its own colour, which adds beauty to Paris. Look at the picture, isn’t Eiffel tower look beautiful even with grey cold background.

Adding cheery to all the above exciting events was the mid night mass, Almost half of my life, I almost lived as an catholic as I studied in catholic collage and school, Going to church was part of my life, I love the carols and to listen to the good words from the priest , I feel very positive. Mid night mass was always my dream, which got fulfilled yesterday after almost 20 years

December 14, 2006

31 going on 13

Finally….its time to accept the reality and speak the truth… I am completing my 30 years today. I will be stepping into 31 tomorrow. I was planning to take off from my lab on my birthday, have a day for myself and spend the evening with my friends. So, my lab guys arranged for a surprise party and dinner today itself, well!! It was a real surprise….got lots of tulips and gifts. The most sentimental part was this card…wishes and signature in 11 different languages. When I turn back and have a look at my 30th year….it was very very rewarding, its in this year I fulfilled my long term desire to travel… this one year, I have travelled in 6 different countries… and I feel its just a beginning ...I remember one of the fortune teller once predicted that “my” life will start only after 30+..Yeah..I really feel like 13 at my heart!

December 13, 2006

The Alter Hof ...

Among the places we visited in the old city center of Munich, I liked this place specially because it has a small 'monkey' story behind it, as monkeys are one my favourite animals, I was fascinated by the place and the story. The Alter Hof, was also called as Ludwigsburg, was the first Munich residence of the Bavarian Royal family. The Emperor Ludwig of the Bavarian, ruled the Holy Roman Empire from here it seems. This place have a beautiful courtyard with a beautiful Late Gothic oriel known as the Affenturm (Monkey's Tower). Now to the story... there was a fire in this royal residence when Prince Ludwig was an Infant, and a pet monkey from the royal residence saved him and got him back safely only after the fire was extinguished. Now there is a very fine restaurant in that place with a small monkey logo and torch with flames. I took a cheesy touristy picture next to it....

December 12, 2006

More Munich!

I was surprised to see such a ‘wild’ nature, just in the heart of the city.

I told you…People were surfing in the heart of the city…

The Christmas market, with lots of hot wine, cookies and christmast stuff..and lots of people! Beautiful skyline of Munich More home made Christmas cookies, by Jenny... More of Munich

December 10, 2006

Nice Day!

Weather was much better, still cold rain..baked Christmas cookies with Jenny, long walk into amazingly gorgeous English garden...believe me, people do surfing in heart of Munich...took tons of picture..(coming soon)

December 09, 2006

From Bavaria

With bit of turbulence in a baby Lufthansa flight, we arrived in Munich yesterday, Jenny (Micha´s sister) and Jo (her boy friend) drove us trough the city and took us to their huge house, .was very happy to see every thing so spacious and big in contrast to Paris, I was able to take a deep breath and recover from the claustrophobic feeling of Paris. Today the weather was not so great, very cold with bit of rain mixed with snow, but had a nice warm host... Jo took us around the city, we did some shopping and went around the old city center. We had some hot wine , which is a speciality of Germany during winter and Christmas called Glühwein . Had lunch in a very cute Bavarian restro. Not many pic today...thats Micha and Jo enjoying hot Glühwein, in cold snowy rain.I guess the weather is better tomorrow for exploring more of Munich.

December 08, 2006

A Friend in deed..

Finally its the day... I am leaving to Munich (hopefuly the fight will not be cancelled..its so windy today)..with my best friend Micha, for a long weekend, One very common feature of all my good friends is their Patience..its really takes lots of Patience to be my friend, to put up with my stupidity and talkative nature, with out any filter between brain? and mouth.. and specially Micha is an ocean of Patience..he puts up with my stupidity and still always nice to me....just like this cute monkey.. Its going to be lots of fun.. going around Christmas markets in Munich with him.