May 03, 2008

Breaking the ice!

Last week I met a new person called Swati , a friend of a friend! Someone who talks like me, giving a topic is like switching on a switch and we can talk for hours together on it, especially about our own life! I feel more intimate with friends when they know more about me and vice versa! And I just discovered that even she has a blog, ok...I added 'Swati's Masala' in the blogs I read menu! Oh! God! My blog inspired her to be regular in her blog, now let me be regular in my blog! Wait! After talking about the similarities now it’s time for differences….She is such a great dancer! I always wanted to dance but never had courage to even touch the dance floor! Last Thursday Swati and our friend DJ VASuHAN gave me courage to put few steps in the dance floor! She broke the ice! Oops! Getting late for my Badminton! Successfully continuing for the third week!

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