April 30, 2008

Circle of friends!

I started feeling at home in Paris, Yestaerday I got my work permit renewed and just the very thought that this may be my last renewal got tears in my eyes! Meet this circle of friends who make my days in Paris! In my ups and downs they listen, make me think, laugh and dance! Above all it’s a group with whom I can be my own self! I feel an open heart gives lots of warmth in an relationship and strengthens its! It’s the people and not the place that make me feel at home in Paris!


S said...

forget your nick names 'ஓடை வாய் ' , BBC ? u r born with an open heart, so attract people of that kind !come back home we will make u feel at home


Uma said...

May be these nick names dont suite me any more, after surviving few years in corporate world, I have learned to be 'politically correct'! Thats why I enjoy the moments with friends with whom I can be my own self and who do the same!

Uma said...

check out some of politically correct terms (not invented by me)

Fat - horizontally gifted
Fat - People of Mass
Fat - person of substance
Lazy - motivationally deficient

iamyuva said...

well.. such is life. i would imagine u didnt know this cycle of friend when you came first. iam sure if and when you move on to different place or different stage.. you will carry some and you will make some.

people are everywhere.. if we are open enough and interested enough to find them.

onwards & upwards...

Uma said...

Yeah! true! People keep comming and going out! and there are lots of new places and people to explore!