May 18, 2008

rainy saturday!

Faced lots of villains yesterday, our usual badminton court was taken over by some partying people and we end up playing in my school garden, it was fun too! It reminded me of my badminton days in India, running with the wind and climbing the trees to get the shuttles cork back etc., this fun didn’t last much, and then came the rain villain! My badminton team standing sadly staring at the rain, hoping to play next week! As the rain stopped we started exploring paris by foot and luckly it was Nuit des Musées, many museums were open till mid night for free! So, we hanged out in museums and bars making it almost closer...infact better than my usual Saturday!


Anonymous said...

உனக்கு மழை ரொம்ப பிடிக்கும் தானே?


Uma said...

yes! but it spoiled our game and my only workout for the week!

otherwise! i still do love rain!


il blebo said...

uma!!I'd really love to play badminton with tou someday!!will you invite me for a match???ah it's too funny