December 16, 2005

Success is Skin Deep?

We were just discussing about the 'DNA test for world peace' and scientists have discovered the genes for the skin color. Its really a bad news for the big group of cosmetic industry in India which makes money by saying their products changes the skin color of girls and hence make them more successful in life??? Is the secret of success and beauty is just skin deep??
The cute little zebra fishes helped us to identify the genes involved in the skin color. Now what about the religious gene?? May be before we identify this genes, we have to find a religious fish... ;-) I guess we will be more 'human' if we just follow the animal instincts within us and get synchronized with nature.
This picture is taken today in my Lab Party, thats me with Iva and Lila, a picture representing European, African and Asian girls. People from 13 different countries work together in my lab.Its just great, we never feel the difference at work or as we get together in parties... Check the Side link for more Party Photos(

December 11, 2005

DNA Test for World Peace!

I don’t keep a track of happenings in Politics, but sometimes, if I am in mood for jokes, I browse through the Online News Papers for the happenings in Politics. I was keen on these jokes for last few days as my name was on headlines, after Uma Barati was expelled from BJP, and today in the headlines, she asked for a ‘DNA’ test of politicians, to check the Hindu ideology they posses. I wish every religious man do this DNA test, to see their genes are not contaminated with religion and culture, May be then they may start doing what their gene says, Wow! This DNA test will bring all the war and crimes happening around the world in the name of religion to an end.

December 02, 2005

Applying Technology in Love…

It may sound strange for some people, for the way I get excited about love adventures of my friends. Especially for few of my friends in India, The past 28 years of my life in India, I spent it in 12 different village, towns and cities. That too it’s a mere coincidence that I was born in a village and as I grew up started moving to bigger and bigger towns and cities. Well! That’s a really a big story, I need a separate blog for that. So, that short side story was to say that I have friends in villages, and small towns where the reach of technology is still very less. Now back to the topic. So, for them to understand, I need to explain the ‘cultural lag’ I faced here, after my entry into the western world. One of the big shock was by seeing the Advancements in Technology, I have read about most of them, like the faster way of communication etc. But never heard about the Technology applied ‘Love’ (love is a too strong word; I should call it just a relationship or affairs). For example people apply parallel processing and backup technology in their ‘love’. I think we take backup because we don’t believe in the computers, it may crash any time. But it was very surprising to see the Love affairs which should be based on belief, is been contaminated with this ‘disbelief’ technology. Born in a place where the relationships, love, marriage are still based on ‘blind beliefs’ and now to see relationships, love, marriage based disbelief, is very shocking. So, I get excited when I see some relationships/love affairs of my friends (among both my eastern and western) who don’t follow the crowd, just throw away the blind belief and disbelief and build a relationship just on ‘Belief’. Curse you…the Technology of Disbelief!!!