May 16, 2008

k 'phenom'enon

Yesterday back in my favorite Indian restro, I should call it my second home now! It was Praveen, our badminton team captain’s birthday. So the badminton team got together to celebrate it, (vas I am waiting for your photos for my blog) my camera failed me for the first time! Many things happen for the first time in life and many more ‘first time’ things to come and many old things keep repeating in life, yesterday had some adrenaline shots! Now when I woke up was not able to distinguish what is real and what not! When my google search history says 'phenom',‘phenoma’, 'phenomb', 'phenomk' quite often; I might have surprised my friends yesterday, especially Praveen for knowing and yet not knowing me for 8 years! When I can surprise myself everyday … well never say never again! Ok! for Godsake what/who is this Phenom! Well! Phenome is an electron microscope, which can make you see things which is not visible to our naked eyes! For example see this Diatoms, the organism which I am working on looks like this through Phenom! Now Can I look at myself using Phenom? yes!!! I know its so stupid of me to ask such question!


Anonymous said...

தலை சுத்துது, ஆளை விடு!


Uma said...

yeah! its difficult to understand!
dont try to! just feel the confusion! thats exactly what i was trying to explain


swati said...

ok. now i can relate better to this post ;)) all the best !!