May 14, 2008

35 years of emotions…

Exactly 35 years before this day a 15 year old young, pretty, intelligent woman got married! It was the time when she didn’t have enough freedom to even see the man whom she is getting married to! We belonging to the very next generation have so much freedom without knowing what to do with it, 99% of women my generation is messing around in her life with this fresh new freedom she got and with so many men to choose ! When this young women was of my age, with compatibility and understanding she developed with her man built a beautiful home with two teenage kids and was beautifully guiding them to face the challenges of life! Today me still trying to learn what all the things I should and should not do with my new freedom from the mistakes me and my friends make, still puzzled about the right place to start my life! Thanks to the values given by this young couple and all the sacrifices they made in life, I am still able to swim in my freedom, without getting drowned! Happy anniversary to my mom and dad! Thanks to your values and your sacrifices, I am surviving my storm of freedom!


Anonymous said...

அம்மா அப்பா ! என் நலவழ்துகள்!

Uma said...

thanks ! mom and dad rarely read my blog! they find it boring! i will convey it to them!


iamyuva said...

prayers for enhance this milestone.

Marriage and kids is single(or two) most unselfish act any human can participant in.

Expectation(or lack of it) and keep things simple, tolerant, straggling to but somehow managing to do the balancing act between yester-elders and today's genX-- those are take away for us from our elders.

sometimes i think our freedom(given by them) & actions are making their life more complicated.! but still they continue to show tolerance.