January 21, 2014

Smile Please!

Started the new year in an amazing self-exploring environment, putting my meditation practice into use! I was working as a kitchen manager for Vipassana meditators for 10days, with 7 people from different spectrum of a rainbow, exploring different colors of personality was so much fun.

Stepped into new year with my beautiful color card, encountered lot of copain/copine ( a new word I learned during my last weekend in Paris which does not exists in English. Copain/copine - someone is bit closer than a acquaintance but not very close enough to call  friend) I wish English had that word, that would make my life easy. My heart is overflowing with happiness with all the colors of a rainbow but sad to see most of my copain/copine in grey scale, who often forget to smile, scared to be alone, wanting to change the world, desperely trying to make the grey go away!  I wish I can share the bit of rainbow I have but the are just my copain/copine, they have not given me access to their hearts as my friends do. so standing at a distance hoping my rainbow will bring some simile in their life!  My dear copain/copine some words from favorite philosopher for you !

If you do not follow somebody you feel very lonely. Be lonely then. Why are you frightened of being alone? Because you are faced with yourself as you are and you find that you are empty, dull, stupid, ugly, guilty and anxious - a petty, shoddy, second-hand entity. Face the fact; look at it, do not run away from it. The moment you run away fear begins.

In enquiring into ourselves we are not isolating ourselves from the rest of the world. It is not an unhealthy process. Man throughout the world is caught up in the same daily problems as ourselves, so in enquiring into ourselves we are not being in the least neurotic because there is no difference between the individual and the collective. That is an actual fact. I have created the world as I am. So don't let us get lost in this battle between the part and the whole.