May 21, 2008

La maison d'être!

One thing I am doing very enthusiastically other than meeting friends and eating good food is going to my French class. I never thought I will be so enthusiastic to learn a new language, after 2 years in France, I am still in level one in my French class will show my interest level for languages. Luckily, now I have wonderful teacher !I guess learning grammar is one of the big nightmare in a language, yesterday she made it so much of fun, she taught us about the exceptions of using "être" (to be) instead of "avoir" (to have) in the past tense (Passé compose) ! She made us guess the words by relating it to the actions happening in a house, it is called as La maison d'être! She is cool! I always thought a handsome French man may inspire me to learn French; finally this amazing old French lady did it!
Between, when I was trying to write this entry last night, I was searching for a proverb which is equivalent to a Tamil proverb which goes like “a dying candle burns bright”, to say that I am showing enthusiasm towards French after I started my countdown to leave France! In spite of having a 3 hours long discussion with my friend Ahamarshan, a language genius we were not able to get it! Anyone know a equivalent proverb for "அணைகிற விளக்கு பிரகாசமாய் எரியும்!" ?
(a dying lamp burns bright)?


vidhya said...

Anniyum velakku Prakasma eriyum.

Uma said...

thanks vidhya, thats what i wrote in tamil, just realized that its not seen(with proper fonts) in all the systems and browsers! I was looking for the equivalent one in English!

ashgene said...

Umm, I'll accept your public teasing ! { I guess it was a joke that you wrote about me and not humiliation in any way - if so as always I'll forgive you - (ok this was a joke anyway) !}
Suggesting - One Idea!
If therz problem with the fonts, one way to get around it is to save the script as a pic file ( copy paste in paint and save as jpg/gif)and host it as pic.

Uma said...

thanks for forgiving me...for speaking the truth ;-) as always!

iamyuva said...

only quote i can remember which is not similar- lamp burns bright when wick and oil are clean.