April 26, 2006

Ullas and Priya!

They were working with me, in Bangalore. They are together since college, after college they got job in the same company, not got PhD in the same university in USA. I am meeting them after a pretty long time. Ullas was a big support for me, when I was preparing to move to Paris, he helped me in buying bags etc, and gave very useful tips about moving to a new place. Now for last 4 days they are with me, its so nice, I am enjoying a lot with them, specially I am happy to see Priya being so independent and courageously exploring Paris, when me and Ullas are in the conference. She comes with very exciting collection of Photos everyday, (Shame on me! I have still not seen most of the places) Most of the girls, after having a companion for a long time, usually start to be more dependent and start thinking in a very narrow angle, Happy to see daring, courageous, independent Priya. Ok..see you all next week..from the ‘Romantic City’ under the Tuscan Sun!

Breaking the Silence!

Ok..let me break this long silence… I was not able to update my blog, I was bit wandering without focus, and without doing anything constructive, Its end of a project, and was doing bit of reading for the new project, also my boss is hosting a ‘BIG’ Photobiology conference in Paris, I am one of the volunteer. Ullas and Priya, my friends from Bangalore (who are not doing their PhD in Missouri) are here for the conference, they are staying with me, I took them around Paris, and I was exploring some new beautiful parts of Paris with them. Ok..Now that’s Ullas and Priya in the Eiffel tower and the next was the dinner in my favorite Indian restaurant, with my favorite people and with some Indian guys who came fore the conference. Also, I am the official photographer for the conference, so, that’s the photo I took in conference. Next two days, there are some more very interesting lectures on Circadian rhythm (biological clock in Plants). After the conference, for the long weekend, I am going to one of the romantic place in Europe (ok..its not Paris its in the neighboring country) .

April 09, 2006

On Wheels with Lens!

Did a some practice on my roller and on the way back, me and Poonam decides to walk back as the weather was good, so had a nice 3 hours walk in Paris, and every time you walk in Paris you got something new to see. We saw the almost thousands of people on rollerblades, going around the city. On Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons, thousands of rollerblades go around the Paris. That’s the picture I took today evening with Invalids(Napoleon's tomb) in the background and as we went futher across the river seine, over the bridge “Pont Alexandre III”, we saw two brides in their beautiful white wedding dress taking pictures in the middle of the street, guess they were trying to picturized a French kiss with Eiffel tower in the Background.

It’s Spring!

The temperature in Paris, slowly touching two digits, it was a pleasant week. So, thought of doing some outdoor activities, started running on Saturdays morning with Micha in this beautiful garden, Jardin du Luxembourg . It was so beautiful with blooming trees. I wanted to share the picture with you guys, so made an successful attempt to run with my camera. On Sundays me and Poonam are practising roller blades, as a beginner we have selected a safe closed place, in the Louvre Museum, hope Mono Lisa is not smiling at us secretly through the windows when well fall. If my mom read this blog she will comment “Lets See How Long It Goes”!

April 03, 2006

Congrats Sunitha!

In my big circle of friends, there are only very few girls. I admire these girls a lot, mainly for their determination and self confidence. One such friend is Sunitha, my good friend and colleague in the company (Avesthagen) where I was working earlier. She joined the company almost 7 years back, when it was a small start up in a small house in Bangalore, Now its proudly standing in the International Technology Park (ITPL) as a growing Biotechnology company along with big Information Technology Giants of India. Sunitha as a administrative officer, dedicated herself for growth of the company, I still remember the days, when I go late to the office or try to sneak out for the gym during office hours and being caught by her and the long arguments about the rules and the pleasure of breaking rules, the crazy window shopping in the MG Road and Brigade Road. She dives us (crazy) and in her car ! Today as she is enjoying her vacation in Singapore, she won the "GOLD MEDAL - Logic of Science 2005" for her excellent performance in successfully handling the administrative activities in the company. Hats-off to the girl, I admire for her confidence,determination and honesty! That's Sunitha, taken during one of the crazy drive and with her little nice, Keerthana