April 02, 2007


Saturday morning, left to Hamburg with Doron, the person who made me have second thoughts about reincarnation and Aaron, his (also Assaf’s) Phd advisor. The plan was to have a quick and dirty overview of the city but the debate was whether to do it on a bike or in a city tour bus, in spite of having my and Doron’s vote for bike, we ended up seeing the town in a open top city tour bus! When it comes to boss, they are always right! I was always scared that tour buses like this can steal a traveler’s freedom but finally it was not that bad. Well Aaron didn’t just remove my fear over such buses but also beautifully gave reasons for many more fears in my life (more updates on this later). After an enlightening ride around the city, came the most disgusting thing of life, ‘to say good bye’. Doron reduced the weight of the heavy ‘good bye’ by a the usual Assaf's magic hug. Aaron and Doron left to Israel leaving me to discover the rest of Hamburg. That’s not all; I have more stories to share, but till then check out few photos from Hamburg!
And also friends! say hi to Doron! taken at the top of St. Michaelis church.


Anonymous said...

When I read your article on Gaia hypothesis, I was bit perplexed. All of a sudden, it came into my dawn that things like black magic, mantra etc., are not just Indian... I realise that I was ignorant...but, if you are having second thoughts about reincarnation becoz of something, it makes me more curious and sleeplesss. Looking forward to see an article from you on that...there should have been something interesting and what can be more exciting than knowing it through sweet Uma Anni's scriptual articulation?

Hugs from
Guru for Bhoot activities, UK branch

Uma said...


This is not that complicated as you think! when we like some one at first sight, in India we say, that you might know them from previous birth...as a part of reincarnation, they belive that all good relationships continues for 7 births. etc . etc. I am sure you know such sentimental dialogues in Tamil movies! For example(just a lie ;-) in my next birth too, I want you as my little brother-in-law, and I want to be your ever loving Uma anni! got it ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm....convincing, but it will be better with a bit of twist....
you be my sweet little sil instead of Anni ;-)

Doronline said...

Hello there,
it is so nice to find yourself in someone's blog (especially someone like you).
i will be following it.
but i could not understand this:
"Doron, the person who made me have second thoughts about reincarnation"
i realy hope i have not hurt you in any way, but if i have please forgive me. I truely see you as a friend.

Uma said...

hey thanks for your comment! hurt me no way! anyways..its not a easy thing to do too..I really had a great time with you, specially thanks for the big moral support for the dogggy hotel.... ok reincarnation stuff, its an old myth in India, when you feel very comfortable with someone who are meeting for the first time, we say this...that we know each other from previous birth.