April 02, 2007

German Technology!

My friend Sunitha, as a car lover can talk hours together about German car technology (first thing she told me, when she heard about my Germany trip was to send her pictures of nice German cars) and my dad as an engineer always have very high regards for German construction skills, I don’t have enough knowledge to appreciate such things, but the technology which attracts me the most is their kitchen technology. Micha got me this egg pierce thingy during our last visit to Munich; you have to put the broader side of the egg on this and press it, it makes a small hole and lets out air in the pouch at the bottom of the egg, by this way you can avoid the egg from bursting when you boil it, hmm! Smart! This time during my window shopping, I was looking from some useful kitchen thingy and look what I got, this thing called tea tube, in which you can make a just a cup of fusion tea. It’s so handy for a tea lover like me! Sunitha! Sorry this time, I didnt take car pics!(you know the reason ;-) but this one from Munich is just for you!


Anonymous said...

German Engineering is supreme. Apparently, their educational system is of a high standard esp. in Engineering
Some statistics (Stats are lies with a proof to contradict it) say that within Europe the Germans are good in Engineering, French in Physical Sciences and Brits in medicinal fields...The European Union norms is bringing in new legislature so that all the universities throughout EU will have the same standard. I met one of the German student grumbling that the German Engineering quality would tarnish by this. We had a long debate.

At the end, we had tea to relax...Indian tea. Then realised that the Indian tea is the real reason behind all their expertise and mental alertness.
Now, the next thing that strucks in my mind after my cup of tea is to 'get back to my work' and stop writing bullshit comments here.

But, then, I think I will shop around for the fusion tea kit too!

Thanks for info and interesting anecdotes

byebey ;-)

Uma said...

ok...ok...I forgot to say that even you, my brother-in-law is also an engineer can appriciate german engineering skill.. happpy???

But for the Indian Tea stuff...My german blog readers will kick you for that... but you know, I recently shifted to chinese green tea from Indian chai, thats much much better than Indian chai...

Sunitha said...

Hi Uma, that was a good piece of info on Germany. Felt as it i had been there before...reincarnation ;)!. Thanks for remembering me for the cars, i wish i was there with you, you would looked at something that interested you & i would have been watching that would have taken my breath away!HI Doron!

Anonymous said...

ya ya.I know the reason;
People beleive that Chinese tea keeps one slim and look young...
But trust me, you dont need to change to Chinese tea for that Umsssss

Uma said...

oyee! what do you mean? I am already slim and old? both are not true ;-)

Anonymous said...

Perceptions differ


and is relative too