April 02, 2007

Dos and Donts!

The German dressing was wonderful! No! I am not talking about their way of dressing; I am talking about their salad dressing, I guess among the European countries I visited so far the best salad I tasted was in Germany. So, don’t miss to taste German salads.

Never…Never …Ever cross a road when its red, even if the road is completely empty and there is no police around, don’t dare to do it unless you are ready to hear some stranger shouting at you in the middle of the road.

We were trying so hard to find the link between Hamburg and Hamburger, Doron even tried to order one for lunch in Hamburg port, and look what he got, some piece of meat which even a meat lover can’t tolerate. If you want to eat good Hamburger I guess the right place in USA and not Hamburg.

When you are traveling alone in Europe (as a girl) never book a hotel near the main railway station, even in a safe country like Germany, just the look and feel of this doggy area can put you in sleepless night!


Anonymous said...

whats the secret ingredient in German Salads?
I know the Olive oil makes the Spanish one delightful
Probably, a bit of green chilli makes the Indian raitha tasty
Apparently, a twist of mint for some

Uma said...

i dont know..there were lots of sprouts, and something sweet and tangy in the dressing also, they served wit lots of love ;-)

Anonymous said...

If love is an ingredient, sure it would taste scrumptious.....
Hope I too will get some love when I go to Germany

Uma said...

Hey! please note the point...serving food with love is much different from serving love ;-)

Anonymous said...

I actually prefer love than food now....I just had my dinner!!