April 04, 2007

Two worlds, one journey! - Follow your bliss!

I don’t know if I am evolving or Mira Nair’s direction or may be both? I was not a big fan of her earlier movies, but I was spellbound by her latest one “the namesake”. I was bit paranoid about seeing this movie ,after reading the reviews that “it’s a sad story about Indians living abroad” especially with my present emotional dilemmas, living in two contrasting worlds and just one life to live, often get confused in making decision and choosing the ‘right’ path. This movie left me with “a greater sense of assurance” with the life that I am living. Apart from conveying a beautiful philosophical message, the director has given every small attention to show the transit from ‘parents’ generation to the present so beautifully. With the type of ear rings, dressing, the body language and especially the difference in the art of making love in 70s to the present generation was depicted like a poem in movie; I feel its one of the most challenging part of the direction, as there is just a thin line between vulgarity and aesthetic in such scenes. I have to agree with Karan, one of the reviewers and say “For God sake please see “the namesake”!

My favorite quotes in the movie!

“Follow your bliss” (Hmmm! What’s mine?..Let me think about it till I write the next blog )

"Pack a pillow and a blanket and see as much of the world as you can, you will not regret it” !


Anonymous said...

Don´t forget the third nicest quote from the movie, which definitely applies to you too:
"Where did you get so sexy?" "Paris!".
But anyway, do follow your bliss,
Three times blessed...

Yuva said...

although largely movie was true to the book, still would recommend the book NameSake
if you haven't already.

and if I may, //"Pack a pillow and a blanket and see as much of the world as you can, you will not regret it”//.. with my passion for traveling (lonely plant backpacker) and having visited many diverse places/cities/countries and lived in 5different countries in past 5yrs and busy packing bags for next location-- I would totally agree.


Uma said...

Thanks for your comment! I know that this movie is based on a Novel, I didnt read it, Also I am not a big fan of novels, I am more into short stories and Non-fiction. The only novel I read so far is The Alchemist! Now I just got "the Argumentative Indian" ! I will check out your book review collection!