March 30, 2007


Kiel, that’s where I was this Friday, for the diatomics meeting along with seven other people from my lab, you may have problem in searching that town in the map, so here it is, small town in Germany, touching the North Sea. It’s around 1 hour drive from Hamburg, but as my group of scientist were racing in car at 140 km/hr, we reached this town just in 40 min. Nothing special in this small town, a big church in the middle of the town, few bars, short shopping streets, some love centers, the official prostitution places and ofcourse an oceanographic institute. But nice people and smell of science in the air, added lots of charm to my trip to this little town. Sometime even new people I meet make me feel as if I know them for long time; that too such a picky person like me, starts feeling comfortable with new people...Hmm! scary! Such incidents incline me more towards believing in reincarnation. As they say in India, may be I know them from previous birth? Also this meeting made me think that I may have to soon rename my blog, after interacting and listening to the ‘real’ diatomist, I can feel how far I am from calling myself a diatomist.


Anonymous said...

Kiel sounds like a great place. Somehow, I always felt that small towns or villages give a better feeling of the people there. Big cities don't attract me anymore. They are just lifeless jumbo structures and often you meet people programmed to respond in a certain way. In villages even if you meet a so called 'country fella', an unfeigned style will be conspicuous in him. And meeting people with similar interests and dwelling in the subject so deeply might have made you feel comfortable among the crowd of experts in the field... Leave the reincarnation bit....I am really scared of Ghosts.....Be my sweet Anni and dont frighten us with these bhoot blogs. If you are renaming your blog, go for something 'Spirit'ual. Take care French wine

and ya, are there stories about Draculas haunting sixth floor studios in Paris?

Uma said...

I didnt see much of Kiel, I was not very excited about it. I am also a fan of country side. but Kiel doesnt seems to fit in your description of village.

Draculas haunting in Paris 6th floor! Hmm! Good! I will have some good company for sometime.


Anonymous said...

Good company for sometime???
Do you mean that the Draculas will run away after sumtime?