April 09, 2007

Brunch at Père Lachaise !

I was craving for traveling; now I am blessed with so many, last weekend in Hamburg and next weekend in Barcelona, this weekend in beautiful sunny Paris, having Easter brunch with friends. The sweet ‘chocolate girl’ Meena invited us for Easter Brunch at her place. She lives in North east Paris and me in South West! No worries! Paris is well connected with Metro, but the day was too beautiful to be in the underground, finally took courage to bike 20 kms. She lives just at the entrance of Père Lachaise, one of the biggest cemeteries in Paris , with maps to navigate through the small streets and big lanes it took almost two hours just to see one half of it! Yes! It’s really big!

Some photos here...more ...!

Oscar Wilde! People love him to death…With so many lip marks on his grave!

Auguste Comte! Philosopher who coined ‘Altruism’…map says he is somewhere here … friends searching for him!

Is that really a family name or just people don’t like them?

Victor Noir, a journalist killed by Napoleon's family, after his death he was made as a symbol of fertility it seems! Look what naughty girls have done to him! check this news!

Finally if you want to rest in peace along with the big people! I guess you can book your place in advance too!


Anonymous said...

folowing your bliss to eternity?

Siddhu said...

I am enjoying France in thru your camera's eyes. Thanks for posting the pics, especially Père Lachaise. I always wanted to go to France, I could only imagine that time, but now with your photos, I am closer to France.

Uma said...

Thank you for your comment! I am very glad that you enjoyed the pictures! yes! France is very beautiful!