April 12, 2007

Les Franqueses Del Valles!

Les franqueses del valles, a small town in north of Barcelona, with small brooks and green hills , that’s where I am, Its wet and rainy , just did a small drive inside the town... that’s the cute city hall building (the green used in that building top was very beautiful) and a nice home made Spanish Tortilla de patatas for dinner! What more I can ask for , for my first evening in Spain.

Tomorrow will go to check if it rains only the plains in Spain, we are driving to a small hill station, El Royo. Anton says that, this little village might not have seen an Indian before. How on earth that’s possible? I will check that out! More pics of the place .... !


Yuva said...

'Gor' town had seem indian(me) before..;~) but not sure about el royo suburb.

when india is 1.2bn ppl.. 22million are outside india. so, iam always surprised to see fellow country wo/men in small towns around world (ex: indian farmers are in greece villages../ brasov,romania,..et..)

have good trip

Anonymous said...

yyadum oore
yaavarum kkaelir

spain will defily make u feel at home