April 25, 2007

French wager!

French have all the good reasons to be proud of their cuisine. In my long list of favorite French food, right now on the top is Tarte Tatin. If I have to give a crude description of this delicious dish, I should say it’s a special type of inverted Apple pie. Knowing its high calorie ingredients, I don't dare to buy it for myself, but nowadays I started making Tarte Tatin as my wager. I just won a bet and I am getting a ‘big’ tarte tatin. Yesterday at work, for political reasons, I was forced to make a phone call by a colleague, I bet with her that the outcome is going to be annoying and I was right! Great! An annoying phone call can get you a tarte tartin! yes! I know its a silly and very very mean food wager, but any thing is fair for a tarte tatin!

I got to know about another French wager last week as I was reading and commenting in Arjun’s blog! Pascal’s wager, a bet on religion”. Wager of both food and food for thought can be fun!

more pic of tarte!


joune said...

haha! Pascal's wager is for cowards who don't have an opinion! ;)

It's always the same old god/religion mix that bugs me..
it's only the church's discourse to control people that says that you'll burn in hell if you don't believe in them!..
everyone is free to choose to believe in the concept of "god" or "creator" for there will never be one "true answer"..

i don't know if there's one and i choose not to believe it's only because i'd rather see myself in control of my life than as the puppet of a big magician.. what you choose to believe shapes what you are..

but even if there is one and if he does weigh your good and bad actions in the end, he'd weigh your actions, not your beliefs... the idea is just so obviously manipulating that it's even hard to understand that people actually buy it!

belief in god and belief in church's concepts of heaven and hell are much different, and if they're not careful, believers have much more to loose than they think, in terms of freedom of thought..

Anonymous said...

Excellent, keep up the good work and I look forward to the next tarte tatin wager!! Beware saturday! xx

Anonymous said...


Uma said...

Hey Arjun! You are right! I mean right as in “RIGHT”! I hate the religions for all the reasons you have commented and also I found this Pascal's wager extremely funny silly and superficial! I appreciate religion for ‘other’ reasons! I see religion from completely different angle. The reasons which make us hate religions is just for its superficial look and feel. It has very deeper inner meaning. Once we get deeper, we will not defend nor offend any (one) religion.

Uma said...

Cricket betting always put people in big mess! But this time I hope not, I am sure I am getting one more tarte tatin this Monday ! Watch out little Aussie! Lankans are on the attack!

Anonymous said...


Could you please explain the inner meaning of religion.

Thank you

Uma said...

Inner meaning of religion, it can very very difficult to put ‘my’ views on inner meaning of religion in words. Its something which we can experience, feel and appreciate. Like the Food we eat, it may be an odd comparison, but next to religion the most common argument I have is, about the French food. Some my Indian friends often ask me, how can you appreciate a food which is so plain (when compared to strong spicy food of India) and vice verse with my western friends. When we get out of the addiction of our taste buds to a superficial taste of one type of food, we can appreciate the fine taste of anytype of food. I guess in the similar way, if we are not addicted to the rituals of a religion, we can get deeper to the inner fine meaning of any religion

Anonymous said...

Australia won!! Australia won!! Australia is the best!! Australia kicks ass!! Yay for Australia!!

Let's celebrate by eating French cake and drinking French wine, while speaking French in a French cafe.

There's nothing like living in another country to bring out all the otherwise non-existent nationalistic behaviour ;)