April 22, 2007

My First day in Pyrenees!

To recover from the shock of touristy crowd, Anton put me in a train and with almost less than 2 hours raid in a scenic mountain route, we reached a beautiful calm and quite valley.

I should say this is the first time in my life; I traveled to a place, even without knowing name or the direction or the location. As we had the fist sight of snow covered mountains,(in the train junction, Ribes where we changed to a mountain train) Anton said see there, that’s Pyrenees and we are going to a valley there. Oh! My God! It’s my first trip to Pyrenees, one of the most beautiful mountain rage which stands majestically as a natural boundary between Spain and France.

This valley Vall de Núria , was discovered by a saint Gil almost in 700 AD, and built a small church and in later years people expanded to big monastery. You can reach there only by this less frequent cog train, which still keeps the place undisturbed by touristy crowd and with wild animals happily grazing in the valley, even in the little hiking routes. We spent a day hiking and resting at the banks of the half frozen lake with the happy thought, “what a vacation”?

The Half frozen lake and the Cog train of the valley

Short break in the hiking route!

The wild animals of the valley!

More of Pyrenees!


Anton said...

nice overview! you could even exchange the subheadings of the second and third pictures! exactly, a few days there would really be a holiday, rather than going to watch monuments!

Anonymous said...

u r having lot of fun in europe and forgot India? when r u visiting India?