April 07, 2007

My Bliss!

Last few days, I was reading more of Joseph Campbell, the mythologist who came up with “follow your bliss” concept! After listening to his two hours interview on “the power of myth” I was thinking about the recent moments of bliss in my life! I was able to recall few ...

Last summer in Switzerland, I was working as a volunteer in a meditation center; we were just three, cooking for 50 meditators. We have to start cooking early morning 4 and went till almost 9 in the night. It was very hectic, but end of the day, I was left with an immense joy… I found bliss in cooking for people, seeing the people enjoying the food that you cooked. Wow…. it’s real bliss! It’s more fun to cook for the fuzzy eaters too; I wish to cook for the most troublesome eaters out there :-)

I often amuse kids in small towns with my skin color. Western kids in small towns, who are not very used to brown skin, start smiling and staring at me! My friend Meena in Paris also had a similar experience with kids, they call her as ‘girl of chocolate’ it seems! Once I was shopping in a small town in south of France, a few months old kid reached out his hand and held my finger very tightly with a big smile on his face! I was standing there few minutes without having courage to pull out my hands; finally his father has to distract him with ‘real’ chocolate to let me free! The few minutes of slavery in a smile is…. wow!

Keep smiling! You are cheering up someone’s spirit !


Spider said...

Hi Uma,

I just finished reading your blog, and I have to say I really appreciate the positive outlook you put on even the most trying circumstances. It's not often, these days, that one sees something quite so refreshing.

I really enjoyed your most recent blog about following your bliss. What a profound question for a person to ask of themselves ("What is my bliss?")!

Anyway, I just wanted to drop by and say thanks for providing this great blog. Keep writing! :)

Anonymous said...


Uma said...

Thank you! I should add as a beginner in writing getting nice feedback from my blog is also a bliss :-) very encouraging!