April 20, 2007

No Rain… No Update!

Yes! Its true! No rain in mountains! As we drove towards the mountains in the rainy highway…we started seeing the stars as we reached the beautiful mountain holiday house of Gorka, I was wondering when I last saw the sky full of stars, even in the horizon. As I was staring at the stars, little I knew about the surprises waiting for me, in the very corner of the valley that I was staring at.

Hiking through the snowy slops…. Touching the lake (Laguna Negra) origin of a river which flourishes Spain and Portugal…sliding and being drenched by the snow…biking in the valleys …. The path filled with wild flowers …nice food…warm hosts, what a perfect weekend. Thanks to Eider, Gorka ,Anton and Spain. For a fun filled adventurous weekend in beautiful arms of nature.

The holiday house of Gorka's family in El rayo! At the banks of Laguna Negra!

Snow Hiking

The warm hosts!

More pics of the weekend adventures!

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