April 07, 2008

Once upon a dream !

When I came to Paris, I was not able to carry with me my complete collection of things I loved and valued from my childhood but still I had enough space in my luggage and heart to carry all the Disney soft toy collection and CDs! For many known and unknown reasons I lost this child in me in Paris. Today accidently landed in Disney world and lived a part of my childhood dream! I have to thank lot of people for this ‘serendipity’. Thanks to Umesh for gifting me with his free tickets, if not I would have never made an effort to go there! Thanks to Paris weather forecast for its usual wrong prediction, if not such a sunny day would have attracted lots of crowd to Disney land! Thanks to Alberto for getting his ‘kid’ friends along, they added lot of color and life to the colorful Euro Disney! This day totally looked like an universe’s conspiracy !


iamyuva said...

good for you.. and was surprised that you haven't went there till now.

blebo said...

the conspiracy was well architected by one of your million gods: sun, rain and snow on the same day..incroyable!!!
The Daughter thanks you a lot for your gift, your presence and for the stories you told us..long life to the scientist and her sea plants!!
really hope to see you soon!!
kisses and hugs