April 24, 2008

French Food and Wine!

Last few days, I am discovering myself ….. my likes and dislikes. I felt the two things I like to do the most is meeting and interacting with different people and eating good food. Last two days I was just doing this. Our lab hosted a meeting so we had collaborators from all over Europe visited our lab. Lot of talking, enjoying different colors of people, tasting good French food and wine! After living in France for more than three years only during last few days I was able to understand why we consider the French cuisine as the best one in the world! To add cherry to this cake, I also got sponsorship for my next trip, to a country close to my heart, just because many people I admire and love are from this country! New trip meeting more people and tasting more food!

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iamyuva said...

traveling and eating... thatz makes two of us.. ofcourse with other countless souls.

with all these rich experience..apart from adding flavor to our life, it makes us realize how blessed we are and gives perspective to life... sometimes fundamentally challenging our thinking and interpretation of our past, present and future.. its great..