April 03, 2008

Just because...

Yesterday I started my day by standing outside my lab without knowing the new door code and ended my day by standing outside my house without knowing the code of the recently installed security device! My brother says if we closely observe things in our live we can always observe a rhythm of similar type of events repeating in a day or in a week or over a definite period of time ! sometimes we are a silent victim of such events or sometimes we can gather some courage and try to break over this habit patten of life. But most of the time we just prefer to keep running like a mouse on the wheel without having courage to self criticize! yesterday I preferred to be a silent victim just because between these two rhythmic annoying event I had a nice laugh too! For the fist time in my life I went to Improvised comedy Theatre. Improfessionals group performed a comedy show by improvising on the random theme proposed by the audience! As written in the Paris Times "Improvisation actors have a mantra: Stay in the moment. Never look forward. Never look back." !

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