April 14, 2008

Lets fly a kite!

There is a big lucky star burning bright just above me having a week filled with nice things, good news and lots of surprises. To start with work my second author paper got accepted in PNAS, journal increasing my publication count to 6. I took a nice sunny break in north of France in a small sea side village called berck sur mer to see a kite festival. It was my first visit to kite festival and it happen to be the best one in Europe with nice weather and nice company, I am just trying to make a small attempt to share the experience, but it is too difficult to put in words or photos! The sound of sea, mixed with gentle move of huge kites and lots of fresh air and sun. In the night the sky filled with kites with glittering lights. It was mesmerizing. Thanks to Shanana and her friend Alex in back stage who gave us some real time experience in flying the ‘real’ kites. The ‘real’ kites are the huge one which are coordinated with two hands and four threads and makes you feel like wind and a bird! Swim with dolphins and fly a kite are two must to do in a life time!

The best part of the festival was this 82 year old Canadian man controlling 3 ‘real’ kites two in two hands and one in his hips and still synchronizing everything and made them dance in the sky! yeah! Sky is the limit for people’s talents! (check the below video of this wonder man)

check out more photos and videos of from Berck sur mer!
and also Alex's Revolution kites Videoblog!

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sahana said...

Such a great, colorful way to start your year! Happy New Year Uma!!..