April 20, 2008

What a Saturday!

Started my Badminton after a looong break.....played for two hours and now having difficulties in even typing this blog.... Ended up eating lunch cooked by three guys, these super fast cooks cooked 3 dishes in 30 minutes! Usually too many cook spoil the food but luckily it was not true today! Well! Had a good work out today morning... so deserved more nice food, Had a good company and nice excuse to go to an South Indian restro for dinner, its suppose to be the best one in Paris and no wonder I bump into two famous Tamil singers in the restro! Its nice to take a such typical 'celebraties' photos for the blog. I am meeting more Indian celebrities in Paris than in Indian.... May be That is called living in the most happening city .....
These two singers Mano and Chithra may be total strangers for many of my blog readers, if you are interested to have a sample of their voice,you can listen to the song below, Obviously its from a Tamil movie; Mano and Citra are the play-back singers for the actor and actress in the song. They have many of very famous duets together, but this following song have a more of Tamil flavour than most of their other songs, the lyrics, the basic Tamil folk tune, pictured in Tamil nadu's country side etc. etc.
One more in Chitra's Voice!


iamyuva said...

talking about songs-- if you haven't heard how to name it by our own great maestro.

Uma said...

yes! i love this one too! many distrurbed silent nights this music have given me great comfort!