April 25, 2008

All in the tree of life

We biologist strongly believe in the biological theories and live exactly according to it, When you look down from the tree of life, you feel so excited about your position ( like how exited I was yesterday) until the people sitting above you start throwing shits on you! After all it’s the world of “survival of the fittest”! Yeah! You might have guessed it right! It was day filled bad news at work, after the paper was reviewed by three journals and accepted for publication in one, the strongest one in paper wanted to move up in the tree, pushing down the weakest! After all we are all stuck in this struggle for name, fame and food!
On the lighter note, I was trying to add an application called “What French philosopher you are?” ! This application puts you few questions and suggests you which French philosophers ideas suits with yours, this application says my ideas match with Jean-Paul Sartre. Apart from studying in the same school as him, I didn’t find much match with his ideas, specially as I ‘was’ strongly believing that I am a destiny’ s child! Now he is making me think if I am responsible for all the shits I am getting on me! Let me study more of Jean-Paul Sartre!


iamyuva said...

interesting.!) why only french philosophers ! why not greek and Chinese..!1
i think that iam my own..belief & philosophy..so didnt bother to add..L)

Uma said...

let me try one at a time ;-) i am not very confident about my own beliefs and philosophy, in a way... i feel its good to question it very often right?