April 29, 2008

God damn intelligence ...

For last two days hearing many incidents of Multiple Personality Disorder’,(scientifically it may not be the correct term), the most shocking one is of that of the Austrian, but in my daily life also meeting ‘milder cases’, of people sharing love life with two friends at the same time but with different faces, with daily slots for each one, At the same time ‘pretending’ to recommend their love interests to their friends! Constantly living in denial! Earlier I use to admire people who have the ‘childish’ innocence even when they are grown up, but may be that’s the starting point of living in denial, refuse to accept that they are matured and grown up, and refuse to follow the animal instincts in them! God damn... intelligence of humans!


ashgene said...

alarming! are u saying what the austrian father did was right ? Multiple personality disorder is quite different from the case you are discussing. If we continue follow animal instincts we go retrogressive.

Uma said...

Thanks for the comment!
Oh No! I am not saying he is right....!!!!! But I agree! Multiple personality disorder is not the correct term to use here! I just meant people with different faces....Like the people who often make us wonder, ‘Can this person, with such a innocent face, smile and a respectable social status do such a thing?’ (Do you know any other correct term for that?)

For person to live a life with more than one side and to put up an artificial deceiving face needs lot of intelligence for planning, executing and having faith that he is more intelligent than the rest so that he don’t have the fear of being caught, finding excuses to escape from his guilty conscience, to deny the reality to himself and to the society etc! Do you know any animal which can do any of the above?

No one had a doubt on that Austrian guy; he lived a 'normal' life hiding all his negative side from the light! I feel this nature of human to show a face according to the circumstances or to show only the side which people would like to see is the by-product/bad side effect of his intelligence..... Name any animal which can harm fellow animals from its own gene pool? A female is less fertile (only few days in a month) compared to men! So the basic instinct drives her towards quality and not the quantity! Do you think the present ‘modern women’ is following her instincts? She needs more men just to satisfy her ego and not her natural animal instincts!

I feel when we believe in our instincts more than our intelligence we can have a life more peaceful and be less harmful to others!

marc said...

Africans always find a proverb to make people meditate on the situation they've created:
Le mensonge donne des fleurs mais pas de fruits.

Uma said...

Thanks for the comment marc! Its a very nice proverb, I am not sure why people dont realize it, "Lies just make flowers and not fruits" ! That too its very true in relationships!

ashgene said...

Yep! Infact many psychologist believe that the use of this word disorder isnt right by itself because no one knows what is order in human psychology. I also feel the same. I donno if there is a term for someone exhibiting different faces to different people but if one needs to peg on something perhaps colloquially could say 'double faced' or 'phoniness'.

I feel being double faced is also part of human trying to work himself around in a society where he is caught up with survival instincts and social pressures. ( want to write more on this but running short of time!)

I think this austrian father knows what he was doing and had sane mind to classify good behavior from bad behavior he was just too greedy, guiltless, dictatorian, authoritarian and domineering.

yes there are many animals that work against their own creed eg some species of snakes for instance eat their own kind, infact their own kids! they cant distinguish their own kids from other meat!.

On a softnote women are still complicated to me! so cant comment much on your concluding para!!!. I think as children we follow most of our instincts but as adults in a society our intelligence and common sense takes over our instincts and channelises them so they are used in the best possible ways for our survival and for the evolution of humankind as a species.

Uma said...

Double face is part of survival instincts ? but friends are someone whom we choose in our life! I am not sure why we should use this survival stratgies with friends!

anton said...

Interesting string, great proverb from marc! i'll try to remember it. I wanted to comment on your harsh statement, Uma: "Do you think the present ‘modern women’ is following her instincts? She needs more men just to satisfy her ego and not her natural animal instincts!". In my opinion there may be some truth in this, but saying it's "just their ego" is to put 100% of the blame on single individuals... how can so many millions of young women be so inherently faulty? I think "modern women" are victims too, they are being used as a consummer agent. the image of the super-powerful, super-beautiful, super-independent woman, and yes, promiscuous at will, is being pushed by the economic machine. the woman who stays home administering wisely the single salary that the husband earns was a brake for the banking, advertising and profiteering engines. in consummerist countries the image of the woman is overexploited shamelessly as a sexual attractor toward the product to be sold. She's one more object to consume or possess (although most western men and women do not realise the pathological hypersexualization they live in). the advertising agression continuously offers "solutions" to aspects that are artificially or inappropriately labeled as "problems" (you have all kinds of products, health centers, surgeries, viagras, and diet lines, so if there is the slightest physical imperfection, IT IS YOUR FAULT, because there are so many solutions you're not resorting to - that is what advertising tries to stick in your mind). I hope the consummerist civilization collapses dramatically before it absorbs all cultures of the planet and completely desolates the natural world. It is inflicting massive physical damage on the environment, and a psychological one on itself.