November 25, 2007

what a day!

"may be this is just a small pause for the exciting days to come"!...yes! I was right! it was indeed just a small pause before my exciting day, after the depressing last blog post, i went out to explore Eilat, entered the dolphin reef, I don't know what made me do this…I just went and enrolled my self for a scuba dive with a dolphins. "I CANT BELIVE IT...! I SWAM WITH DOLPHINES" ! I am sure Anton will not believe this, after me giving him such a tough time during my first snorkeling in Mediterranean this summer …I have a small video proof for my diving…(coming soon) That was not all, spent the evening in the desert on a camel seeing the sunset and moon rise! Where else in the world you can do this, do a dolphin dive and a camel raid on the same day? Thank you Israel! And thanks to all the unknown kind people I met yesterday and specially to the daring Israeli men who made me feel like a queen and thus my gloomy day came to an end. We are just about leave for Jerusalem! More pictures .

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Anonymous said...

lady u rock

have fun