November 07, 2007

Got a trophy!

Its bit hard to for me to believe but …yes! I am alive! If I can still feel pain means I am alive right? Well! Last week I celebrated in silence my two years of successful blogging by giving myself this trophy.

What a surprise! the Archive list almost look like a semi-trophy! Nature and English(in spite of me not being so nice to it) together conspired to give me this trophy ...

I have never done anything for such long-time voluntarily…and then I made some wishes for some impossible things to happen…like….two days of continuous sunshine in Paris…and…. to always hear “yes! go for it! as an answer from my family! have more sensible/sensitive/less annoying lab mates… Other than that I just jumped into (pool) for a new hobby of swimming, thanks to my friends and this trophy for inspiring me to swim through and survive my gloomy days!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the well deserved trophy!
Hopefully there will be many more to come!
And we did have two consecutive days of sunshine in Paris - no? If we count Sunday afternoon, it even makes for.. hm, two and half! And anyway, when you're around, who needs the sunshine? (God, that was cheesy...).
And so, all in all, with a two year trophy, with pools to swim in, a lab to complain about, friends to laugh with, and the sun that shines over our pretty city now and then - things don't look all bad, now do they!

Anonymous said...

anonymous is right! u made me and many other survive the gloomy days with your radiant smile and warm words, just keep smiling and keep writing! happy diwali!