November 29, 2007

The Evil Monkey!

Now back in cold and grey Paris....I switched on my mobile and to my surprise it was still working but the keys went crazy, when I click one... it starts the radio etc. Only a Phd student can understand such a helpless condition, when the money you earn is not enough for such expensive accidents and living in one of the most expensive cities of the world...makes you feel like Sh**... as an Indian the first thing I did was to curse the "evil eye that was staring at me" .Later..... out of desperation looked for the similar handset in ebay, lucky me....I found one recent model for one euro and the bid was about to end in 3 be in the safer side i made a bid for 5! I won it! Life has never been that easy for me, with all the excitement that I got a mobile just for 10 euros (with shipping), i started reading the description (of course using google translator)....I was not able to believe my own eyes...guess what????? I just bought a plastic dummy mobile, which are used in the shops for display....anyways at the cost of 10 euros, I was able to add some smile and laughter in the depressed lab mates, who were suffering from failed experiment and after paying a hefty university fee. After having a nice laugh at my stupidity, my brain came back to senses, i decided to dismantle the mobile and I found some salted sand particles....washing that off I got my mobile back in working conditions.....Moral of the story : " haste makes waste"! and now we have decided to hang the dummy phone in the lab against the evil eye and bad day!

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Anonymous said...

heyy i know only to dismantle things and not to put it back, you manage to do it fine