November 28, 2007

Last few days!

All the nice things have an end and specially when some evil eyes are constantly staring at you, it can be a bit of an unpleasant end too. After the fun-filled days in Eilat, we started driving towards Jerusalem, thanks to Doron, it was beautiful drive along the desert and dead sea. On the way as we stopped in the world's lowest point and the only place where we can float in the water, my mobile jumped out of my bag and fell into the dead sea. Dreaming about the Jerusalem, i just put the mobile aside and didn't want to think about it till i am back in Paris.
Jerusalem: I have never dreamt of such a place in my life, holy place of three religions, people with different beliefs living in such a close proximity, I was lucky to get lost in the old town and discovered both pleasant and unpleasant quarters of this holy place. In India people believe that the religious place have high energy, that's when people with problems (low energy) feel nice when they go to such energy rich place. now if that belief is true, we can say that the old city of Jerusalem strictly follows the second law of thermodynamics "energy systems have a tendency to increase their entropy".
Tel aviv : Just 40 minutes drive from Jerusalem, a very modern city with many sky scrappers. Meeting some of Assaf's friends, staying with them, knowing the history of the place, playing with Itai, Doron's son (when did i last had a four month old beautiful baby in my laps), walking around the oldest port in the world (Jaffa) put my legs into the Mediterranean, watching people doing surya namaskar in the beach (you can never see even in India) . End of the trip, I felt that I have never seen so much of love for India any where else and specially I admired the confident and daring way of expressing their love. Now I know where to go, when my confident level goes down and not happy with my identity.

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