November 23, 2007

Here I am... i am in this beautiful world...Israel ! very strict but also affectionate and kind, that's the word i will use to describe my mother and Israel, believe me... who else in this world can ask me so many questions and at the same time take care of all my needs even before i ask for help . starting from my friends arranging for my accommodations, visits even before i land there, to being fed by the co-passenger('vegitatrian snacks') which AirFrance failed to provide. As I woke up yesterday, took just few steps out of my bed to see the glowing sun rising behind the red sea and the Jordon desert, lighting up the Israel and Egypt with its first rays. yeah! that's the sun rise in the triangle of peace. walked under the sea to see the beautiful rea sea coral reef,
Thats the beautiful sunset and the diatomics team. to add a cherry to this beautiful day was the night trip into the desert, experiencing the loud silence of the nature.
more pics...

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