November 21, 2007

Brother Returns...

My brother stopped on his way back to Canada, the two things he wanted to do in Europe was to visit Italy and to drive in German autobahn. On his second hop in Europe, he fulfilled his second wish of driving 200km/hr in Germany. during this crazy drive we stopped at Heidelberg
Luxembourg: by visiting this tiny country, I successfully completed visiting all the six neighboring countries of France.
Now with all the French strikes, if I manage to reach airport tomorrow, I will be stepping into middle east soil for the first time.


Anton said...

well have a nice trip then! I hope the upcoming World War 3 doesnt start right this week!

Uma said...

standing here with my feets in red sea seeing Jordon on my left and Egypt on my right with Israel just behind me, admiring the beauty of this triangle of Peace, I made a wish for the world peace! the peace of this triangle with soon take over the world!